Born around Spring 2008. Quite the old lady! She's been with me her whole life.
She was born to our Mama cat with three siblings, named Midnight, Morgan, and Dusty.
Mama cat was found stray outside, pregnant with her kittens, and was brought indoors so she could have them safely with us.

She's rambunctous for her old age, a kitten at heart.
Her favorite toys are laser lights and simple string toys
She'll dash around the whole house chasing them, but she prefers scaling furniture to try and catch them
She's a very loud girl and makes herself known. Her tail vibrates when she sees me in the mornings and when I come home.
She makes sure I go to bed on time. If she doesn't get to cuddle lying on my head all night she'll have a fit.
Great Protector of Her Berrie. One day she saw a big strawberry and she nestled on it like it was always hers. And so it was.

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