Kindheart is a Warriors original character of mine I made and roleplayed with early 2009.
She's one of the first Warrior cats I'd ever roleplayed with, and who comes to mind when I think of my early days roleplaying in guilds on Neopets. I was invited to the guild by my sister, who roleplayed a little grey medicine cat apprentice named Silverpaw.
Though she's gone through many iterations over the years, her first appearance was as a former kittypet named Tinkerbell who joined a clan called JadeClan. She was a black cat with light green eyes and a patch of white on her chest. When asked what her warrior name would be by my guildmates, I panicked and chose her name based off of my Neopets avatar at the time, the Soup Faerie avatar randomly awarded when feeding your pets at the soup kitchen. A blinkie spelling out KIND under the Soup Faerie's gentle gaze would give me Kindheart's prefix, and dictated her personality as a generous and soft-spoken she-cat. She first joined the clan as Kindpaw, working to earn her full warriors' name under JadeClan's tutiledge.

The first picture I'd chosen to represent her was taken from; Cats from Amsterdam Cat Island. I'd uploaded a personal copy of it on my Photobucket, titled Kindpawpiccie1.jpg, on March 20th, 2009 at 9:54 PM.

I would quickly be asked to choose another, smaller picture for her bio on the character petpage. Of which, I took the photo of the same cat from sobi, peeking out from a bush of yellow flowers in this shot. They look to be Spanish gorse!

The guild's plot surmounted to a fire that raged through the forest. Many fellow guildmates took this opportunity to play along with the plot taking place. I remember specifically an older tom cat stepping into the fire and having a conversation with his daughter while the flames surrounded him, telling her it was simply his time to go and walking further into the lapping flames.
I, however, being 12, got scared that this was happening. I had Kindheart bite a twoleg that just happened to be nearby and drop a garden hose, allowing her to douse the forest fire out and of course everyone who was dying was now saved thanks to Kindheart!! This got me yelled at by my guildmates for trying to godmod and ruin the plot and, embarrassed, I quit the guild.

There are multiple black cat pictures saved to my old Photobucket account that I used for Warrior Cats OCs, unfortunately, none of which are labeled well.
None of them pop up in my head as reimaginations of Kindheart up until July 30th, 2010.

The file was uploaded to my personal Photobucket as Portrait_of_a_Black_Cat_by_SubterfugeMalaises.jpg. The SubterfugeMalaises account on Deviantart has since been deactivated by at least 2019 at the earliest.
However, Sue Anna Joe, AKA SueAnnaSTOCK appears to have had SubterfugeMalaises as her alternate photography and photo manipulation art account!

You can actually enjoy Blackpaw's original bio I'd drafted on Neopets!
Blackpaw was a much more edgy reimagining of Kindheart-- jaded since the fallout I had in JadeClan. I wrote an original poem for her, still standing on her personal petpage. From what I remember in my roleplay of her - which was in a guild I'd set out to make myself - she was a medicine cat apprentice who was visited in her dreams by Kindheart, of whom she was reincarnated from. In this reimagining, Kindheart was a former ShadowClan medicine cat. In her sleep, she tried to teach Blackpaw how to be a proper medicine cat, and to care for her fellow clanmates in ShadowClan.

Eventually, the plot culminated in Blackpaw taking a great journey to find a cure for the sickness plaguing her clan -- a red-yellow flower with wrinkled petals. She was to be blessed with the name Blackflower as a full medicine cat to her clan. I don't believe I ended up roleplaying long enough to finish up her story!

A few months after Blackflower's time, October 21st, 2010, at 10:46 PM, I uploaded this picture to my Photobucket account

I can't find much concrete information on Crowsong from this time period, but from what I remember I roleplayed her in a clan on an island, surrounded by a rocky ocean.
She was mates with a tough, cold, large longfurred brown tabby tom with white chest and paws, who was either a former rogue who joined the clan later on, or, who she was mates with in secret. I thought her kindhearted nature could meld well with his cold tendencies. I don't remember that one ACTUALLY working out very well for her unfortunately.
The lyrics on her new display pic - which I remember editing with Facebook's photo editor at the time, Picnik - were of Stereo Love by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina

Other characters I played alongside Crowsong were named Ivyfrost, Echoheart, Jayflight, and Darksky.

There are quite a few banners for this guild that I made, stored on my Photobucket account for this time period.

Sources are as follows: black cat white cat by bludlivijkot, Cat HDR by cloudown, both edited with my beloved Picnik

I also remember around this time meeting one of the first transgender people I met on the internet. Before Neopets had the "Other" gender marker available to users, nonbinary users had to choose between the given Male and Female options, which were always displayed under their undername on forums and in guild chats.
I remember the guildmate who roleplayed the cat my Crowsong was mates with lamenting that even though they didn't want to choose the Female option, it was better than the Male for them, but still amounted to misgendering from other users. I had no idea what being transgender was in 2010, so I messaged them, confused at what they were talking about. I was sort of enchanted about it, asking "Why doesn't everyone know what this is? We should tell people about this it's a gamechanger why don't they release statements about this?" and "Do you have to ask the government if you can do this? How do you start? Do you have to fill out a form and submit it?". They were older than me at the time; 13 vs anywhere from 17-21, but told me I should probably know what being transgender is already and wasn't going to entertain all of that. I think they thought I was trolling, but I was genuinely enthralled as someone who had my share of "pretending to be a boy online" around this time and earlier on. It was a steppingstone into realizing what I could be.

I remember towards the end of this roleplay being told the name Crowsong doesn't make any sense because crows don't really "sing" they have a harsh "caw" instead -- kids can be mean to one another online..! From what I remember a lot of roleplays on Neopets either died out from inactivity or kids bickering with one another over something or another.

After this roleplay crumbled, December 10th, 2010 is the next Kindheart iteration I could find.
I brought Kindheart back as a black tom cat named Cloverpaw!
From what I remember, he was abandoned as a kit and adopted into the clan I roleplayed in. Not too much except that it was significant I decided to go back to the green eyes and make Kindheart a boy, lol.
He would later grow to become a full warrior named Clovergaze, in reference to his bright green eyes

Image sources: Just a little black cat - 2 by KrazyGirl-87, and Black pather light by SaNNas

January 25th, 2011 is the next Kindheart iteration I could find evidence of.
Uploaded to my personal Photobucket account January 25th, 2011 at 9:34pm was __Crowfrost.jpg.

The source for this image can be traced to Kot by punkadiddle on Deviantart using TinEye. Their account has unfortunately been deactivated since at least 2015 at the earliest, and I unfortunately cannot find an active account of theirs to source back to.
The source image was edited much softer. Yellowed, with light green eyes. I put a frosty touch to it by upping the saturation and changing the eyecolor to a pale blue using Picnik.

There are a few more iterations of Kindheart I'd made over the years that I'd like to share here soon!
Thanks for reading her and my journey together insofar. Be back soon.

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