Olive was born Spring 2016. I raised her myself, waking up every few hours to give her formula and wet food. Now she's my big girl! She's about 7 now. (:

She's a girl who loves to play fetch and drools when she's happy. She likes turkey the best.
She's not very verbose. It took her a loooong time to meow or purr even a little.
She still likes drooling more than purring to show that she's very happy. The vet says ''she's just weird!''

She lays down with her front half splayed out like a fur rug when she's very comfortable.
She has a lot of energy and is very scared of thunderstorms
Olive's the only cat I've ever had who's chattered at a bug or a bird she sees
She has very subtle tabby-markings, most notable on her little head. In the sunlight she is a pretty, warm, deep-brown color

She grew up big and strong, outgrowing her aunt Hope. She has whiskers long like a sea creature and a tail even longer.
I have a little black and white dragon on dragoncave with a code like her name, Ohlhv.
The base of her tail flares because she's so happy to see me. She greets me with a little ''mrrpt!'' when she comes to say ''hi!''
She likes to lay on my lap when I'm on the computer. She's laying on my lap right now as I tell about her.

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